'When a force of nature attacks ...it is decent and kindness that will see us though this. Do everything you can with kindness..."

Irish playwright Lisa Tiernety-Keogh - on Covid-19 here.

With over 2/3 of GNN groups operational and providing exceptional community support in these challenging times, it feels like a good time to say a thank you to each and every Good Neighbour and to offer a few ideas and links that may provide some additional help and guidance. 

  • Need advice on emergency food. Trussell Trust in the UK have an emergency response for 3 -days food - details here
  • We recognise that injustice doesn't affect everyone equally and whilst we are all at risk of Covid-19, there are many people who are more vulnerable and need greater support from a good neighbour - telephone befriending and drop off food parcels have been some of the most successful and new ways of working that groups have adapted to.
  • Each group can play a role in providing clear and updated information to their beneficiaries and volunteers and continue to raise awareness of prevention, via hand washing and self isolation, often one of the most important messages at this stage is one of reassurance.
  • Finance questions? The UK Just Finance Foundation have complied a signposting page to help navigate with financial difficulties here
  • Staying apart while making connections - many GNN groups have volunteers who are used to working solo and with a range of digital means, for others adapting to a facebook messaging, WhatsApp or Zoom may come with challenges, we have some fact sheets on these on the learning cloud and don't forget the telephone, often a friendly voice talking someone through where to actually click that mouse can be all thats needed to get going - perhaps consider nominating a 'techie good neighbour' to help with this - who perhaps could be that young person next door !
  • We wanted to share this link on the 'sofa singers' here it is a free and weekly on-line singing event bringing hundreds together and raising spirits, thoroughly recommended.

Do let us know ideas or topics you want covered and we will look into it. Please get in touch via email 

EASTER MIGHT HAVE MORE OF A DIGITAL FEEL THIS YEAR  - and as baking bread (or buns) comes recommended as a therapeutic activity when  'locked down' - we thought we would share this HOT X BUN recipe with you, its tried and tested by the Hub and one of the best (you can make without the cardamon pods)  - apparently one should only ever eat the HOT X BUN for seven days annually, so get baking!

Finally we wanted to share this with you - these talented two loaded this for sharing during 'lockdown' and needless to say it has reached across the globe clink here and ENJOY.

Keep well Good Neighbours.