February 14th, Happy Valentines Day

An interesting fact you might not know - St Valentine the patron saint of engaged couples and happy marriages, also holds spiritual responsibilities for beekeeping and epilepsy.

Good neighbours believe in love your neighbour.

Botley Neighbourcare gets new wheels!

Following a successful bid to the Department for Transport community minibus fund, Botley Neighbourcare has a new minibus.  

A launch event was held to mark the occasion where Rev Gregg Mensing blessed the bus and Mims Davis MP cut the ribbon to start the bus on the first of its many journeys.

Hilary Taylor, who uses the neighbour care scheme and has enjoyed many trips on the existing mini bus, spoke at the event highlighting what the scheme meant to her and how much she appreciated the outings.

Botley Minibus will be out and about most days as it is well utilised by local groups and societies. It is also available for hire on a non-profit making basis to other groups and organisations. For more information visit: www.botley.com/neighbourcare

Shrove Tuesday

Falls on 28th February this year, do let the Hub know if you are holding any special pancake events and we will do our best to highlight them.

Instagram - a simple way to capture and share moments through picture and video.

GNN has a new Instagram account -  goodneighboursnetwork

To get your own Instagram account either a personal one or as a GNN group  -  you will need an email account - do a search for Instagram via browser (e.g.internet explorer) or app store and then simply install for free on a smart phone or tablet and start snapping.

Once you have your account it is a simple step to upload and share your images, you can 'like' others that you follow (similar to Facebook) and even make comments, don't forget to follow us!