We were delighted that so many of you were able to attend the annual event at Kings Community Church, we had a great time and hope you came away feeling refreshed and motivated to continue to offer acts of kindness to people in your community.

I would like to extend a warm thank you to all the speakers, marketplace, workshop crews and venue team members who helped to make the day such a success.

Another warm thank you to the ladies from the Hedge End Good Neighbours group who supported us so beautifully throughout the day.

We were so grateful for the donation of the raffle prize - A Great Day Out in Henley, including a Midsomer Murders walking tour of the town, a boat trip and a visit to the River & Rowing Museum. Congratulations to the very lucky winner!

Thank you also, to the actors from Pluto Productions who so skilfully drew us into the world of two families living with Dementia. I am sure we all found this play very moving and informative. I know I did.

We are so pleased that so many of you completed the Health Check as this information will be very useful for us to see what areas of support we can focus on going forward. For this reason it would be great if we received more of these over the coming weeks and months. We will make sure these are available at the Resource Cafes.

On the day we asked you to write what volunteering meant to you on post it notes and many of you did. Thank you so much for that. Volunteering time to help others is such a wonderful and powerful gift and it was really inspiring to read your comments and views on what this means to you.  

Finally, I would like to say how lovely it was to meet so many of you and I look forward to meeting with you again soon. I am proud to play a part in the work of such amazing volunteering teams.

Karen Jordan and the GN Team

Please see below a list of resources from the day:

THEATRE – PLUTO PRODUCTIONS_Don’t Leave Me Now (GNN Event 2018)        GNN Event 2018

What volunteering means to you:

a list of the comments posted on the board

  • Knowing you've helped someone who might not have had any contact with anyone else
  • Belonging
  • Friendship
  • Making a difference
  • Caring
  • Building community
  • Being a part of the community
  • Being a listening ear
  • Giving back
  • Feeling Valued
  • Making new friends
  • Feeling useful
  • Gives me satisfaction
  • Working with others (teamwork)
  • Listening to how we can help, and doing what we can

GNN Event 2018

GNN Event 2018    GNN Event 2018    GNN Event 2018

GNN Event 2018    GNN Event 2018    GNN Event 2018    GNN Event 2018    GNN Event 2018

GNN Event 2018    GNN Event 2018    GNN Event 2018