Being a Good Neighbour

Perhaps this has never been so important as it is today and all GNN volunteers should be proud of the unity, resilience and creativity demonstrated in these strange times. Groups have seen volunteer numbers increase, created new, nimble and effective ways of operating and continue to provide that all important connection point for so many local people in their community.

Here at the 'Hub' we continue to be on hand to respond to queries - email is best. 

As UK citizens enter another month of lockdown and all our lives continue to be affected by Covid-19 we wanted to share a few links that might be useful to explore and share a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is a volunteer, healthcare worker, shop worker, 'dustbin men', transport workers, delivery drivers, key workers and neighbours.

"Out of the box' cards, a social business have created some downloadable card templates, that children ( or adults) can send out, they are a lovely simple way of staying in touch with safe instructions for preparation. Click on this link  

In these social isolation times our society is sharing so much including both pain to joy.

The pandemic overlapped with the arrival of Spring and migratory birds and as the lockdown and stillness resulted in traffic loads closer to the 1950's than recent times, it does mean those songbirds sound louder, some animals get to meander around cities, (goats in Llandudno, North Wales), globally air is cleaner and the canals of Venice are less polluted and supporting fish again.

Many folk have dusted down their bikes and taken to the streets as part of their daily exercise, it has been reported bike shops, one of the few to remain open have seen an 80% increase in servicing and sales since lockdown.

The human race will not stay cooped up forever, but for now letting the planet breathe a little and nature remind us that we are all dependant on each other one way or another may not be such a bad thing.

With festivals, garden shows, sporting events, concerts, theatres, restaurants and even some beaches closed entertainment and connection has taken on many different forms - it really is the rise of the digital with shared on-line theatre and concerts - drinks parties and family chats by ZOOM - the rise of Netflix - poetry readings and DJ's playing on Instagram.  

Here is some free entertainment we can recommend, if you have something to share - do let us know and we would love to include it.