So you are thinking about becoming a Good Neighbours volunteer? Great! You'll be joining an army of thousands of like-minded people who believe in offering a helping hand, here are a few thoughts to share with you before you sign up.

Five things to consider

1. What would you like to get from the experience? 

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, learn some new skills or brush up on some old ones. If you are just starting out in the world it is a tremendous way to build your CV, if you are enjoying retirement it’s a terrific way to stay connected and if you are somewhere in between it can be about career development or simply an act of kindness.

2. What do you care about?

If you can’t find a group that quite fits, start your own and access all kinds of support and resource from the GNN Hub to help you. If you are thinking about being a volunteer then it's a given that you care about people, but it is also important that you can feel connected with your local group and enthusiastic about the help they provide. Go to Find a Group to access one close to you.

3. Locality

Many of the tasks needed are around driving, but, there are also all kinds of opportunities that you can do from your own home including telephone befriending, which has proved to be a big hit throughout 2016. The magic about Good Neighbours groups and their volunteers is that they are manned by locals providing for locals.

4. What are your talents? 

Perhaps you are a people person, a great organiser or ‘handy man’, all sorts of skills and experiences are required as a good neighbour. From dog walkers to drivers – accountant to artists we want you to be a Good Neighbour volunteer and the Network will offer peace of mind, training and support to help you help others

5. What sort of commitment are we talking about?

You should volunteer for as long as you want to and as long as you are enjoying being involved. Ideally your volunteer hours should work around you and what you can offer, it is often a good idea to start slowly and then build up as and when you can.The group you join will ask for references and everyone is required to have a DBS (Disclosure and Baring Service) check, which we'll do for you at the HUB free of charge. 

STILL INTERESTED? Go to Find a group, click on a group near you and contact the named person listed. They will invite you for an informal chat over a 'cuppa' so you can hear how it all works and see if you would like to be involved.


GOOD LUCK! - We look forward to welcoming you to the GOOD NEIGHBOUR NETWORK