We believe:

Volunteering is about people helping people and is an essential part of life in today's society. 

Good Neighbours’ groups are unique in the way they work. Organised locally and supported at a county level, our aim is to help people, not just to provide a service - we help people by doing tasks that help them stay independent, connected and part of their community.

GNN knows that volunteering or supporting local groups should be positive, worthwhile and fun. Volunteers do amazing things and we’re constantly told how much they enjoy the experience. We focus on self-help and mutual aid as the guiding principles for the network; put simply, this means that both parties are involved in an exchange from which they both benefit.


'People Helping People' was launched in 2016 as our celebratory campaign for 40 years of Good Neighbours. Supported by strong local publicity, social media, training and rewarding volunteer initiatives it has been a huge success. Moving through 2017 we have introduced a tool kit to equip volunteers and will continue to expand the PHP campaign, developing a manifesto so that we’ll see even more 'people helping people'.